Land + Water exhibition

LandW_exhibition_posterFrom 14-18 March,’The Power and the Water’ project presents ‘Land + Water’, an exhibition of work by ceramic artist Tana West, in the Verdon-Smith Room of Royal Fort House, University of Bristol. The exhibition is free and open to the public – just buzz the Institute for Advanced Studies to get through the secure entrance!

‘Land + Water’ exhibits new work by West, made from mud extracted from the bed of the River Severn, and older work which explores connections to land, water, and that liminal substance: mud.

The exhibition builds on a collaboration between Tana and Dr Marianna Dudley (Bristol, Rivers strand).  Marianna organized a one-day outdoor workshop on the banks of the River Severn to explore the place of the river (and its mud) in local identities and environmental ideas. Led by Tana, a diverse group of participants, from academics to amateur potters, community group members to passers-by, learnt how to manufacture objects using traditional techniques in a creative exploration of place. Some of those objects are now included in the exhibition.

Tana will be giving a talk about her work on Tuesday 15 March at 5pm. For (free) tickets, follow:

The IAS is also holding a related interdisciplinary event, IASIS – MUD:

‘Land + Water’ is an exhibition by ‘The Power and the Water: Connecting Pasts and Futures’ project, funded by the AHRC Care for the Future theme. Additional support comes from the Institute for Advanced Studies, and Centre for Public Engagement, University of Bristol.