Welcome to the Power and the Water project

The Power and the Water: Connecting Pasts with Futures is an environmental history initiative that focuses on environmental connectivities that have emerged in Britain since industrialisation.

Researchers from several universities have come together to study how our 21st century sense of place, livelihood and community has been moulded by our links to the environmental processes of rivers, constructed watercourses, energy systems and infrastructure. It is through these environmental connectivities that our local actions are linked to planetary systems.

The Power and the Water is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and this site provides a developing record of the project's progress. In addition to project information and reports, the site features blog posts by team members, podcasts and other audio/visual material, including maps.

You can follow the project on Twitter: @envirohistories. Alternatively you can sign up to our email list to receive automatic notifications of new blog posts.

Enquiries about the Power and the Water are always welcome. Please use the contact form or contact individual team members directly via email addresses provided in the people section.  

River systems

Tyne Map
River systems and their connected bio-physical, energetic, commercial and cultural flows.
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Energy, transport and infrastructure systems

Tyne Map
Infrastructure and energy systems/sectors and their connected sites of generation, transmission and consumption.
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Environmental history of lead mining soughs

Brightside Sough tail
This strand of the project focuses on the importance of water and drainage in the lead mining history of the Derbyshire Peak District. In Derbyshire these artificial underground watercourses were known as ‘soughs’.
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